Phone Losers of America

Their are some people who just don’t appreciate it when your trying too help them understand grammar.

I wasn’t so lucky with the nazi gold coins this time around. :(

Billman sent me the phone number posted on the bottom of a cell phone tower, suggesting I call the number and try to rent space to build a house.  And, of course, things quickly turn to my experiments involving the afterlife.  Thanks, Billman, for finding a guy with the coolest voice ever.

This call was made during the August 6th Snow Plow Show.  Here’s a link to listen to the entire show: 

To be honest, this land lord brings up some really good points about not turning your living room into a swimming pool.

Our lawn care business is off to a really bad start.

Yesterday I was making calls to oil change customers and I stumbled across this wacky sitcom family.

How to get someone’s personal information using only their license plate number and a little bit of dishonesty.

 There are a few problems with this lady’s photo developing order, but being the star employee that I am, I figure out a way around all of her problems and make yet another customer 100% happy.  I will make employee of the month for sure this time!

Here’s a few calls to photo customers, made during a morning show a few weeks back.  You’ll hear a full range of emotions from the customers.  Except love.  I never get love from them. :(