Phone Losers of America

Yard sale lady thinks I’m going to just sit here and do nothing when she’s trying to horn in on my business.

Social experiment #5209: Call a random number and command them to hang up the phone. They won’t.

The Pranking Gods were with us this week, bridging me into a phone call that was being made about me.

Wow, guess what everyone!?  I struck oil and I’m filthy rich now!

Comcast’s Facebook page is full of angry customers with listed phone numbers. Here’s proof!

It’s all about honor and integrity with this lady who likes to smoke weed at the gym.

Here’s a phone call to Mildred Monday Clone #3, who is having typical Mildred Monday problems with her roof, just like all the other Mildred Mondays.

Hey everyone, I don’t normally do this, but this book, How To Lose Weight The Patterson Way, changed my life!

Happy Sunday, everyone!  Time to do some cold calling for Christ.

Their are some people who just don’t appreciate it when your trying too help them understand grammar.