Phone Losers of America

Yesterday I was making calls to oil change customers and I stumbled across this wacky sitcom family.

How to get someone’s personal information using only their license plate number and a little bit of dishonesty.

 There are a few problems with this lady’s photo developing order, but being the star employee that I am, I figure out a way around all of her problems and make yet another customer 100% happy.  I will make employee of the month for sure this time!

Here’s a few calls to photo customers, made during a morning show a few weeks back.  You’ll hear a full range of emotions from the customers.  Except love.  I never get love from them. :(


Obviously Sensei Doug’s training never taught him how to deal with a baby consignment shop owner.

Here’s this morning’s wacky morning show, featuring a bunch of confused photo developing customers. Who are probably confused often if they’re still doing things like developing photos.

Happy Sunday, everyone!  Let’s find out which church members are the most accepting of sex offenders!

These church people are treating the collection plate like it’s their own personal piggy bank!

Remember that time Jess thought I was hilarious, not hating me a bit until long after we hung up. Good times!