Phone Losers of America

The epic new Bonecage song and video has been released!  Thanks, everyone who submitted video footage for this!

Guy can’t even do his job without having his life threatened anymore.

These people pay $50/month so that they can drive to a building to run and they act like I’m the idiot here.

This apartment complex lady keeps trying to give her OPINIONS on what she thinks of me stealing electricity from the neighbors.  She’s surprisingly calm about the whole thing, though.

Feel like downloading audio that you probably already have FOR FREE? Get the new PLA album.

Tucker Mike acts like this gym is his own personal man cave.

Feel like helping PLA film a music video for a new phone song?  Of course you do.  Here are your instructions.

Americans are now afraid of dog nudity.  Thanks, Obama.

I will not allow you to complain to my supervisor, ma’am.

Look at PLA, begging for money.  Sellouts.